Extra, Extra! Postnatal and Baby Massage Dates.

Happy New Year to All!

You’ve had your beautiful baby, a new year is starting, how about a resolution that feels gorgeous, is good for you, great for your baby and involves coffee and home made cake too????

5 week Baby massage class is starting soon.

Eureka HQ, Carpenterstown starts Friday January 18th 10-11.30

Eureka Homestead, Clonskeagh, starts Saturday January 19th 11.30-1.00

Please email me to book your place and I’ll send you a little form.  Please put BABY MASSAGE 2019 in the subject please.  Cost is €125 most redeemable from your health insurance generally.

Postnatal Pool Exercise

This is a progressive 6 week exercise course in Butterfield 8.15-9am, starts Saturday Jan 19th.

Magic for helping you feel:

  • supported (the water and friendly other Mom faces obvs!),
  • empowered (doing something to counterbalance all the Christmas excesses!)
  • sweaty!! with a shower right at hand that you can stay in as long as you like cos Babs is at home with your partner…….yippee!

Please email me if you would like to reserve a place, and put POSTNATAL 2019 in the Subject  Bar.  Cost is €80, payable on your first day, sometimes partially redeemable on your health insurance!

Look forward to seeing you all soon!!




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