Baby Massage-Carpenterstown, D15

So, although your baby is not dressed in a towelling robe and turban during baby massage, they’ll feel like they are!  Nothing feels quite like loving touch!

Your baby has their favourite person in the world, you, spending an hour of amazing quality time, no phone, no TV, no interruptions, stroking, singing, smiling with them.

They and you will adore it!  It’s surprising how interested in each other the babies are too.

When: 5 Week Course 

(1) Nov 1st, (2) Nov 8th, (3) Nov 15th, (4) Nov 22nd, (5) Nov 29th

Where:  Eureka HQ,43 Luttrellstown Drive, Carpenterstown, D15F7H9             

Baby Massage class, Carpenterstown

Book Baby Massage class, Carpenterstown

Cost: €125, generally at least €100 redeemable from your health insurance

Bring: Yourself, your baby, boobs/bottles, nappy, that’s it!

Coffee, cakes and chat are an important part of baby massage, and are provided!

It was a privilege to spend time with you during your antenatal journey in the pool.  I would absolutely love to meet your baby and see you in action in Momma mode!

Charity Spot

The logo for Eureka Baby Massage is a stripey bobble hat, symbolising the warm fuzzy feeling you get when massaging your baby, and probably how they feel too!

I knit each baby a bobble hat for our graduation picture on the final week of class (see pics below!).  If you want to take these home its a small donation to charity,  Eureka recently gave €300 divided between Crumlin Hospital, Temple Street Hospital, Laura Lynn and Jack and Jill.  You can help me decide where the next lot goes!

Baby Massage Graduation, Eureka Style!


Bookings are either yet to open or have closed for this event.