Postnatal 6week Class

Having travelled in the pool with you through your Antenatal journey, keeping you fit, minimising aches and pains, helping you to feel positive and enthused about your body, preparing your body for childbirth, now here we are on the Babyside!!

Postnatally, water is a great asset for exercising in a comfortable and supportive environment allowing your pelvic floor, back and tummy recover and get back their mojo, as well as yourself!!

This early morning class will address all the little problem areas for you, back extensibility, tummy, back, leg and arm  muscle toning, pelvic floor work, core stability and of course some cardio and HIIT thrown in, under the watchful eye of a physio!!

The six week course will be €75, and is pay up front.

You must have completed your 6 week check up prior to starting, but can come along anytime in your postnatal period, whenever you feel ready.  We had a mother of a five year old attend last year!!



Bookings are either yet to open or have closed for this event.