NEW Baby Massage

EurekaHydrotherapy are delighted to offer new parents a 5 week course in baby massage that will help you bond with your baby and offers physiological, psychological and emotional benefits to both baby and parents.

Aileen Convery,  a qualified physio- and hydrotherapist and mum of 4, has recently qualified as a baby massage instructor.

Aileen holds small classes in Physiofusion in Ranelagh her home in Carpenterstown, Dublin 15 and her parents’ home in Clonskeagh, Dublin 14, all relaxed and comfortable venues.  

Baby Massage class, Carpenterstown

Baby Massage class, Carpenterstown

Writing about the experience of baby massage, Aileen states, “The massage strokes are taught using a demonstration doll, repeating and growing your repertoire each week as both your baby and you becomes used to and love touch. I encourage everyone to practice at home and bring any questions/difficulties to solve the following week. Besides learning how to carry out massage with your baby, freedom of expression is encouraged both from the babies and Mums and Dads!”

These are baby-led classes so sleeping, giggling, crying, eating or whatever your baby needs to do, will be worked around.  We take the opportunity to discuss a little of the theory behind baby massage, and also Topic of the Day which can be anything from Baptism Cakes to baby stages of teething, sleeping or indeed, first night out!  Class always ends with a cup of something nice and occasionally healthy, but often not, cakes!

Infant Massage is an ancient and wonderful art. This course will teach you to massage and connect with your baby on a deep level through the sense of touch.

Cost of Classes 

€125 – five week class 1-1½ hours each.

Up to €100 can be reimbursed through your health insurance company!  It is important to check with your own health insurer on their terms and conditions that may apply.

Cost Includes:

  • Bottle of Natural cold-pressed Olive Oil
  • Laminated Booklet of massage strokes
  • Books on loan if requested
  • Information on local groups and services
  • Refreshments!

Check out our calendar of upcoming classes in Ranelagh, Clonskeagh and Carpenterstown and book today. We look forward to seeing you soon!